GIDWG members

GIDWG governance and membership 

Governance and organization 

The GIDWG will be governed according to its charter, which was accepted by each organization on 7 October 2021. 

Two co-chairs, each from different organization, nominated by the WG will provide leadership and direction of the GIDWG. The current co-chairs of GIDWG are: 

  • Ron Fitzmartin, US FDA 
  • Malin Fladvad, Uppsala Monitoring Centre 
  • Panagiotis Telonis (co-chair backup), EMA 

The following organisations participate as members of GIDWG 

The following organisations contribute with experts to GIDWG

European Directorate for the Quality of Medicines & HealthCare

World Health Organisation Programme on International Nonproprietary Names (INN)

Other related organizations and projects